Tracy Minick

When it comes to the nitty-gritty details of property management, real estate investors trust Tracy Minick to protect their investments, keep operations running smoothly, and boost their bottom line. An experienced investor with a proven track record, she understands the value of being able to implicitly trust every aspect of who manages your properties, offering her clients peace of mind and maximum return on their investments.

With an eye for details, a talent for problem-solving, and energy to spare, Tracy is actively involved in all aspects of managing Real Estate Gladiators client properties. Known for always going the extra mile, Tracy is a skilled professional dedicated to providing exceptional customer service for both owners and residents. Her mantra of “love what you do – and do it well” fuels every aspect of her work and has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients who enjoy increased cash flow, quality tenants and personal service that stands out from the crowd.

A licensed real estate agent, broker and co-founder of Real Estate Gladiators, Tracy continually seeks new opportunities for real estate investments and is active in the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound. A great example of living life to the fullest, Tracy never backs down from a challenge, whether commercial fishing in the Bering Sea or rock climbing adventures around the world, including the legendary Mt. Rainier.

Katherine Swanberg

Katherine’s left-brain genius and no-fear attitude when it comes to the financial aspects of real estate investing gives Real Estate Gladiators clients the freedom to focus on their own priorities, confident that their properties are in good hands.

More than a decade of real-life experience managing her own properties has proven to Katherine that chaos is the enemy and cash flow is king. To protect her clients’ investments, she focuses on setting strategic systems in place that keep their properties running smoothly and profitably, giving them the financial freedom to continue to expand their holdings and create the life they want.

Katherine’s interest in taking control of her life and finances was ignited when she read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki soon after college graduation. Breaking free of traditional trading hours for dollars thinking, she focused on finding passive income opportunities with high dollar potential, leading her to the world of real estate investing.

A licensed mortgage broker and co-founder of Real Estate Gladiators, Katherine is also Executive Director and current President of the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound. REAPS is one of the oldest and largest Professional Associations for real estate investors in the nation. The Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS) is one of the premier Professional Associations for real estate investors in the nation, providing education and networking resources for the new to advanced real estate investor since 1983.

DeAnna Hurst

I was raised in Snohomish and graduated from Snohomish High School, I then attended and graduated from Washington State University. After graduating college I worked at Frontier Bank in various positions at both the Monroe Branch as well as in the Bank Operations Department. After the bank changed over to Union Bank I spent a couple years working in healthcare at a surgery center in Bellevue before getting back into accounting/bookkeeping with NW Best Homes.

I’m married and live in Monroe with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and fishing.